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Creating a custom module

edited August 2016 in Modules
I have created a custom module a with its own controller, my problem now is that i could only process the form fields on the first page, when the form send the data of the first page to the second page, The form doesnt process anything, give dissallowed error. My point is that, I have tried to use form_open(...) and $this->form->open(..), still the page does not process the form to the specified action url. Please how do i do this.



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    Is the error disallowed characters error? Please provide the following additional info:

    1. The URI path of the first page of the form
    2. The URI path of the page it's submitting to
    3. Any route information in the custom modules fuel/modules/config/{module}_routes.php
    4. Any controller processing code that may be helpful to explain the issue.
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    Thank for getting back, the error is with the input class, I have passed this now by extending the core library and adding the rejected regex
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