Blog module file names and case sensitivity

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I just used the latest Blog module on a site, and experienced a few odd things.

The server was a Cpanel using CentOS. The blog failed to work in the admin backend until all the model filenames were uncapitalised, and the frontend too didn't work until the controllers were reduced to lowercase. Suspecting the library files should be lower cased also, I changed these, but that broke everything! So mixed case OK for library files (unless they were being referenced as capitalised, but I don't think so).

On Windows and on a Debian VM, the module works fine just as it was cloned from GitHub.

I've seen similar quirks before, but not where some files are OK capitalised, and some are not (assuming that in the PHP they are referenced in lower case, which in Codeigniter, tends to be the case.

Should the blog module files be saved in lower case initially in Git?


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    What version of FUEL are you using? The 1.4 develop branch tends to play a little better with it with the file names.
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