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Hi, i am looking for a way to add a custom button ( over the left sidebar ) able to call a custom controller function. Which area of the user guide talks about this requirement ?

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    Would be an advanced module the right answer ? thanks a lot!
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    There is a $config['nav'] array that can be altered in your fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php

    The default values are found in the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel.php file (or at the documentation link below:

    Or as you suggested, in an advanced modules config (below is the blog module's config):

    There is also a $config['nav_auto_arrange'] = TRUE; that can be set to FALSE if you want to manually set the navigation items.
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    I´ve created a advanced module in order to add the new feature to the CMS. But now i have a new issue: I need to route the following url: fuel/export/{type} to the "index" function of "export", with "type" as an argument. After i´ve tried during a few hours and readed the previous comments on this forum, can´t solve it.
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    You can't pass parameters to the index function. You can try using the _remap method on the controller or use a different name other then index and create a route.
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    Ok. If I rename the function, how would be the routing for this case ? Thanks !!
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    $route['fuel/export/(:any)'] = 'export/export_method/$1';
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