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Hi fuelcms team,

I am using the forms module to generate / render a number of fields and save the form data. Is there a way, when rendering, to have a number of fields render into one div (column), and the remaining fields in another div (2nd column).

Thank you for any information.



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    You need to create your own block view, but then you have to handle generating the form yourself. We were looking at how to change it as well, because... nested tables... Ugh.
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    Thank you Knight Yoshi,

    We are working on an idea where we create custom fields that contain opening and closing divs, so we can contain the true fields. I will let you know how it goes.

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    If you haven't already read the documentation bit, there is an example of how to implement it with your own custom block (under block view):

    For the block view to work you must specify the following parameters for the form in either the fuel/application/config/forms.php for the $config['forms']['forms']['my_form'] or as parameters you pass in as an array to the form function:
    'form_display' => 'block', // can be 'auto', 'block', 'html' 'block_view' => 'my_form', // fuel/application/views/_blocks/my_form.php
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