SWFUpload-like module for FuelCMS

Is there any way to have such functionality in FuelCMS currently?
Specifically, drag-and-drop uploading multiple files at once.

Just curious as I have a multifile field that works, but the client wants the process to be faster with drag and drop :)


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    Is this for the backend? I have a CKFinder based replacement for Fuel Assets which will do that.
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    Yes, this is for the backend cms. Just installed it and it works, sweet! Thanks a lot.

    This doesn't alter how the multi-file field type works, though, right?
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    I decided to alter the functionality so that instead of using a multifile field, the model automatically creates a folder for each created item, so the foldername is the id.

    Im then planning to just link to the ckf_assets controller and pass it the starting directory.

    Did you manage to get this functionality to work? I cant figure out the format of the StartingPath value for the ckfinder object so it picks up the folder and immediately opens it.
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