fuel nav unpublish clarification

edited May 2011 in Bug Reports
I've never really tried to set a navigation item to 'unpublished' but have a client who reported that they used the CMS to set a navigation link's 'published' status to 'no' and that it continues to display. I looked through the items in fuel_helper.php - fuel_nav function and the only thing I saw was an 'exclude' => array() option. I thought there might be a tie-in here so after un-publishing one of the links in a local install, I added the exclude option to the $params array like so:
$navparams = array( 'container_tag_id' => 'topmenu', 'container_tag_class' => 'menu', 'item_id_prefix' => 'topmenu_', 'exclude' => array('published' => 'no') ); echo fuel_nav($navparams);
The un-published item continues to display. What am I doing wrong?


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