Parser issue after update to 1.3.2

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Hi, I just updated to the latest version 1.3.2, and now if I try to create a new record but happen to use a duplicate slug name, instead of bringing me to a page warning me of this and giving the option to change the slug, it now gives me a PHP error as follows:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Fuel_dwoo_parser::set_delimiters() in /home/nrntest/site/public_html/fuel/modules/fuel/libraries/Fuel_parser.php on line 122

How can I fix this?

Many thanks


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    Was it a fresh copy or did you merge/update? Do you have a config value in your MY_fuel of:
    // The parsing engine to use for FUEL. Options are dwoo, ci and now 'twig'! $config['parser_engine'] = 'dwoo';
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    I merged from a 1.0 installation. Yes I have that config in my My_fuel file
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    Hm... is it possible something may have gotten missed in the upgrade process? Are you able to test this out with a fresh version of 1.3.2 and your code migrated to it?
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