upload configuration functionality issue

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I was trying to upload images to a specific folder without any changeable option for user with following code : in form_fields function

$fields['image'] = array('type' => 'file', 'overwrite' => FALSE, 'display_overwrite' => FALSE, 'multiple' => FALSE );

$fields['image']['class'] = 'images/speaker';
$fields['image']['folder'] = 'images/speaker';
$fields['image']['required'] = 'required';
$fields['image']['upload_path'] = 'images/speaker';
$fields['image']['display_preview'] = TRUE;
$fields['image']['is_image'] = TRUE;
$fields['image']['hide_options'] = TRUE;
$fields['image']['encrypt_name'] = TRUE;

by this way
when i am selecting upload asset it is appearing properly
but when i am selecting upload from select image option :
it is not keeping the configuration
is their a way to prevent this ????

for more detail please check


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    What version of FUEL are you running (check fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_constants.php)
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    I am using the latest one 1.3.2 downloaded yesterday
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    define('FUEL_VERSION', '1.3.2');
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    Are you referring to the hide_options part? It appears that the folder name is working correctly based on the screenshot.
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    yes and also the the display_overwrite option
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    OK. I've pushed an update to the develop branch for this. The develop branch includes an update to CI 3.0 and may require a bunch of other changes (in particular casing of files) so I would do the upgrade in a different local GIT branch if you decide to. Additionally, there is a command line utility to help with the update and fix a lot of the common issues:
    >php index.php fuel/installer/update

    Otherwise, you can manually make the fix which was essentially commenting out some lines of code:
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