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Starting with a new CMS

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I've been looking around for a new CMS to use on some websites that I need to create. I like what I see with FuelCMS, its flexibility and the fact that it is built on top of my favourite framework.

However I am concerned that there is a lack of community behind it and you still have not ported over to CI 3.*.

Can anyone confirm for me whether or not this community still alive and kicking? Also when will the port to CI 3.* be complete?

I wouldn't like to start using something like this if there is no community behind it because it would mean potentially getting stuck without help.



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    Yes, we're alive and kicking. We're not a massive community but pretty active.

    Check out the Github repos, you'll likely get most of your answers there.
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    ok thanks for replying :) I will checkout GitHub.
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    The develop branch uses CI 3.* and is fairly stable at the moment.
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    Is there an estimated date when the development branch with CI3 support will be merged onto the main branch?
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    We don't have a firm date yet. We are doing internal testing with newer projects to help knock out any bugs.
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