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file form field : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'options' of undefined

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Sorry for many questions

in my frontend controller , I use form builder

$fields ['article'] = array("type" => "file" ,"folder" => "docs/", "accept" => "doc|docx|xml" , "multiple" => FALSE , 'label'=> lang("file")." *" );

when the form load , this error appear in consol "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'options' of undefined" it points to
// setup multi-file naming convention
$.fn.MultiFile.options.accept = jqx_config.assetsAccept;

and on submit it says that article field is empty

var_dump($this->input->post('article')); returns string(0)

any help please
fuel version is 1.3


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    If you are using the file field type, it requires there to be the global jqx_config.assetsAccept variable set. In the admin, this is loaded in the header already with the view found in the fuel/modules/fuel/views/_blocks/fuel_header_jqx.php file. You can load that file ($this->load->module_view(FUEL_FOLDER, '_blocks/fuel_header_jqx'); or simply set some of those jqx_config object variables in your page separately.
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