My Model error

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Hi! I´am having an error but can´t find the wy to solve it:

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number:
SELECT location, location FROM (`fuel_pages`) ORDER BY `location` asc
Filename: fuel/modules/fuel/core/MY_Model.php
Line Number: 1136

The issue is over a simple "jobs´s portfolio" model.

Thanks in advanced,


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    Are you connecting to the correct database that has a table of fuel_pages?
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    Yes, but the table is empty. A weird issue has ocurred, because that error only occurred in one browser (chrome) but browsing in other PC, the error did not occurred.
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    That seems to be a database error and shouldn't be dependent on the browser. Is this still an error for you?
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    Right now, the error has disappeared.
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    Hi! Iam here again with this error. If you could try this url: Browsing with IE, the url looks great. If you browse with chrome, a DB error is showed.

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    Hmm... I'm not seeing any DB error in Chrome and that wouldn't be something that is caused by a different browser.
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