v1.0.6 permissions issue with advanced module

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I have a v1.0.6 Fuel site on which I have created an advanced module, with 2 sub models. I've added the permissions for the parent module name, and both sub models. I've added the other CMS user to these. When I log in as this user, I can see (from the navigation links) the parent, and just 1 sub model. But not the other. I cannot think why this would be so.

The user is in the fuel relationships table against the permissions, and if I use the sub module url, that user has access to it, but the link in the left menu refuses to show. It differs from the other model in having an underscore in the name, but I can't see that matters? As admin, of course both models are visible. The module nav is like so:

$config['nav']['sms'] = array( 'sms' => 'Sms', 'sms/customer_messages' => 'Customer Messages', 'sms/reminders' => 'Reminder list', );

It's the "customer_messages" link that won't show for the non-admin user!

Incidentally, I tried to upgrade to the last Fuel version (to avoid the "change permissions, reset user password problem" in particular), but I entered a lot of pain doing that, with blogs as much as anything else (Dwoo libraries and so on)


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    OK I looked at the nav block for the admin menu, and it seems to give the $perm value as "sms/customer_messages" which it wasn't as a "name" in the permissions table. So I changed the "name" value to "sms/customer_messages" and this makes the nav link appear... but the user doesn't have permission to view it.

    On the other hand, the sibling model "reminders" is not stored as "sms/reminders" but not only appears, but is accessible too.
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    I believe this is fixed in later versions of FUEL. The master branch is 1.3.2 and still using CI 2. Usually, upgrading from 1.0 to 1.3x works pretty well if you are using GIT to do the merging (depends on if you've changed any core functionality though). There are some files in the application folder that will need some conflict resolution as well as upgrading the database which can be done with the fuel/install/upgrade SQL files. The develop branch is using CI 3 in which there are some pretty significant changes due to that change.
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