Using Fuelcms with a pre-existing 1.3 CodeIgniter project

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I have a 1.3 CI project that I want to integrate with Fuel CMS 1.3.2 release but I'm a bit confused on how I can merge both together. For example the CodeIgniter/core/codeigniter.php says it's still on version 2.2.1 - So should I replace the contents within the CodeIgniter folder with the contents of the version 1.3 system folder.


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    I found the FuelCMS develop branch for CodeIgniter 3.0.6. Are there any issues with using this version?
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    You meant CI 3.x in your first post correct? If so, then yes the develop branch has the 3.x version of CI. If you are integrating, there are a few gotchas to be weary of:

    1. Controller and Model names need to be upper case. This can be a pain when using git since it requires you to rename them with git:

    2. Method signatures need to match their parent. You may get warnings for library initialize methods or model form_fields methods needing to math their parent.

    3. A $config['sess_save_path'] in the fuel/application/config/config.php may need to be setup depending on your setup

    There may be a few more. However, I've setup a command line script to help with the most common issues which can be run like so:
    >php index.php fuel/installer/update

    I'd highly recommend doing this migration in a different branch in case you need to roll back.

    We are testing it out still and squashing bugs as we find them so I'd be curious to here if you run into any bugs of your own not caused by the migration.
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    Thanks for replying. Yes I meant 3.06

    1. Hmm. I never had any Git issues making my Models and Controllers Uppercased.

    2. Thanks I'll keep that in mind

    3. Yes I plan to save sessions in the Database. Does the FuelCMS.sql file include creating a table for storing sessions or do I need to create one myself?

    I made sure I was doing this on a test branch.

    I tried the script but didn't return anything. Maybe I need to configure the Fuel CLI $_Server variables?

    I did run into an issue with installation. I've already posted the issue on GitHub about a 'Array to string conversion' error on the installation page.
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    The FuelCMS.sql does NOT contain the database table for that:

    What version of PHP and platform are using and do you have the latest from the develop branch?
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    Thanks I've already created the ci_sessions table using the SQL query from the CI user guide and it's working fine now.

    I'm using PHP 5.6 and yes I'm using the latest develop branch.

    Edit: I see that there are some recent commits addressing some of the error messages i've been having. I'll try the latest one and report back.
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    I get these errors whenever a non-admin view is loaded like the preview page or installation page. It seems that error is spawned through Fuel Navigation.
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    Yh I was able to resolve it. Thanks again
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