Unwanted telephone field validation

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I've got a table that rarely needs updating, but it is listed as a module in the Fuel CMS. It has a couple of fields that have "telephone" in the column name. When I try to update them in the CMS, I get the validation error "Please enter in a valid phone number." I can't find where or why this is being triggered - I don't want any validation on these (or at least, they are UK numbers, with a different validation requirement - perhaps?). I thought there might be a representative of "telephone", but there doesn't appear to be, so ignoring any representative doesn't work. I'm not adding any validation myself either in the model. What is happening here?


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    Fuel has this (occasionally annoying but handy) feature of working out what the field contents are based on it's name. You can disable that for your field using: $fields['telephone']['ignore_representative'] = TRUE; does that help?

    EDIT: Hmm Sorry. I should have read your whole question. Looks like you tried this. Though it should work...
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    On the model, there is an "auto_validate_fields" property that by default is set to:
    public $auto_validate_fields = array( 'email|email_address' => 'valid_email', 'phone|phone_number' => 'valid_phone' );
    You can change it to:
    public $auto_validate_fields = array( 'email|email_address' => 'valid_email', );
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    Great - I didn't think to check there (duh).
    Thanks to you both!
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