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Fatal error: Call to undefined function fuel_nav()

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I am using the latest version of fuel, I created a simple "Controller Page - about/contact" according to the manual. But I got
Fatal error: Call to undefined function fuel_nav() in MY_PATH\fuel\fuel\application\views\_variables\global.php on line 9

These codes are copied from manual, the fuel_nav() is auto loaded, why it can not be found?

class About extends CI_Controller {

function __construct()

function contact()
// set your variables
$vars = array('page_title' => 'Contact : My Website');

//... form code goes here
$this->fuel->pages->render('about/contact', $vars);



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    BTW, the Opt-in view works perfect, So my fuel is installed correctly.
  • The error is likely generated in the view? Is that what the full error message says? What's that code look like?
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    Sorry, man. It's my fault, I made a stupid mistake when I play around with fuel. I change the controller name, then I forgot to update it. >.<

    Thank you.
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