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mPDF library - failed with fuelCMS

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i'm trying to port my working CI website to FuelCMS, and now i stopped with one, yet important problem for me.
I'm trying to use mPDF (for many reasons, it's best solution for me, dont tell me to check others please :) ),
but this one which was working on old website throws same error, as entirely new downloaded from website.
Error is:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function def() in H:\WWW\reklama-cms\fuel\modules\fuel\core\Loader.php(351) : eval()'d code on line 5
im trying to integrate it with this tutorial:

before it works, now it wont :-(((( there is no any "function def" or even "def(" in downloaded mpdf files, have you any ideas how to solve that?


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    So you are saying that your old CI website it worked, however, when trying to integrate it with a a fresh installation of FUEL CMS, the PDF throws that error? If so, what version of CI were you using before? Also, which version of FUEL did you download (there is a develop branch which is essentially the next version of 1.3.2 and a 1.4_dev branch which uses CI 3)
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