console error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /{0}/: Nothing to repeat"

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(fuelcms feature branch)

I have the following code in a model in the form fields function, it gets a list of products for the specific manufacturer and creates links to them in the products module:

if(isset($values['make_id']) && !empty($values['make_id'])){
$fields['Models'] = array('type' => 'fieldset', 'order' => 700, 'class' => 'tab');
$this->db->select('model_id, model_name');
$models = $this->db->get_where("model", array('model_make_id'=>$values['make_id']))->result();
$order = 701;

if(isset($models) && !empty($models)){
foreach($models as $model){
$fields[$model->model_name] = array('type' => 'button',
'displayonly' => true,
'label' => "model_id}'>{$model->model_name}",
'order' => $order,

when there is only one product it throws an error in the console:

"Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /{0}/: Nothing to repeat"

which is in custom_fields.js:

var regex = new RegExp('\{' + id + '\}', 'g');

while I suspect it's an issue with the way I'm putting the list together, I can't figure out what the issue it.




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    I think i've fixed this by changing line 534 in the custom_fields.js as follows

    var regex = new RegExp('\\{' + id + '\\}', 'g');

    I've also noticed that my 1.4 branch is behind, doh
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    I've updated my fuel repo and this relates to custom_fields. js line 551
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    Does this fix work which first checks that id exists?
    $inputs.each(function(i){ var id = ($(this).is('input[type="radio"], input[type="checkbox"]')) ? $(this).attr('name'): $(this).attr('id'); if (id){ var idArr = id.split('--'); id = idArr[idArr.length -1]; if (id){ replaceValues[id] = $(this).val(); var regex = new RegExp('\{' + id + '\}', 'g'); folder = folder.replace(regex, replaceValues[id]); } } })
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    that looks good. cheers
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