Blog Post Thumbnails are not displayed

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Hello Community,

I've written my first blog post with FuelCMS and have uploaded images. In the backend under /fuel I do see the images, but in the frontend in the blog post - unfortunately.

What can be and I have the standard design in blog - like right after installation of FuelCMS.

Does somebody has any idea? Thanks in advance.


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    What is the image path being displayed when you view source for the images? Do you have an assets/images/blog subfolder?
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    Yes, in the blog backend is this URL to image (

    Images are in my FTP account under /assets/images/blog

    In the frontend under no pictures are displayed.

    I just wonder why the image URL are two slashes and not one. Is it correct that?
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    You'll need to add that code to the theme like so:
    <div class="post_content"> <?php if ($post->has_main_image()) : ?> <img src="<?=$post->main_image_path?>" alt=""> <?php endif; ?> <?=$post->content_formatted?> </div>
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    Thanks for your answer and I now have tried blog.php integrate this code in.

    But it is not yet as desired display. Do I need to paste the code in the blog.php and if so, then at what point.

    The contents of the file blog.php looks to me like this:

    fuel_set_var('body_class', 'blog');
    $current_post = $this->fuel->blog->current_post();
    if (isset($current_post) AND !$is_home)
    fuel_set_var('canonical', $post->url);
    if ($post->has_page_title()) fuel_set_var('page_title', $post->page_title);
    if ($post->has_meta_description()) fuel_set_var('meta_description', $post->meta_description);
    if ($post->has_meta_keywords()) fuel_set_var('meta_keywords', $post->meta_keywords);
    <?php $this->load->view('_blocks/header')?>

    <?php echo $this->fuel->blog->sidemenu(array('search', 'authors', 'tags', 'categories', 'links', 'archives'))?>

    <?php echo fuel_var('body', ''); ?>

    <?php $this->load->view('_blocks/footer')?>
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    It would be in the post.php theme file.
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    Thanks for the hint and tip.

    It has now worked under So I have also imagined.

    So it fits for me :)
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