Installation does not work because imported the file fuel_schema.sql - what to do?

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Hello Community and @admin,

I wanted to make my first steps with the FuelCMS and have problems with the installation. It's so that I did everything according to the instructions. But if I want to import the file fuel_schema.sql, one shows me in front of that I have no permissions.

All directories in /fuel/install have CHMOD 777 aircraft.

My FuelCMS installation is under

How can it be, then, that I have no permissions. Perhaps I overlooked something?

Can you possibly help me?

Thanks in advance.

I use on the server PHP 5.6 and the last mySQL version.


  • I'd imagine your permissions message is referring to the permissions on the MySQL database, not fuel's folders/files.
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    The error I'm seeing looks like the database isn't setup with the fuel_schema.sql or configured correctly in the fuel/application/config/database.php file.
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    I have now realized. I've just installed very wrong and have the fuel_schema.sql not imported into the database. Yes, so it is a bit smarter when you first make mistakes.

    But since I have more questions and create equal more Forum Posts :)
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