"assets_output" write wrong cache file name

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related to Enabling "assets_output" produces wrong path. #355 on github.

my asset config is set to :

$config['assets_folders'] = array(
'images' => 'images/',
'css' => 'css/',
'js' => 'js/',
'pdf' => 'pdf/',
'swf' => 'swf/',
'media' => 'media/',
'captchas' => 'captchas/',
'docs' => 'docs/',
'cache' => 'cache/'
$config['assets_cache_folder'] = 'cache';

and my folder assets/cache is writable

but assets_output write a filename like this :

in my source html file everything seems ok :

i modified fuel/libraries/Asset.php after line number 540 like this:
$path = ('cache' === $path) ? WEB_ROOT . $assets_path . $asset_type : WEB_ROOT . $assets_path . $asset_type . $file;

and now it works fine...

could this change cause other consequences otherwise that I do not see ?

another option i imagined is to modify in fuel/libraries/Asset.php in 1129 :

$cache_dir = $this->assets_server_path($this->assets_cache_folder, 'cache', $module);

what's the best solution ? Or does it exist another thing to do ?

thank you for any suggestion or response.
have a nice day.


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    I believe this is updated in the develop branch of fuel:
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    sorry, unless I am mistaken. it seems that this is the same behavior with this branch.

    the written file in assets/cache is named like this

    and the link href : 53fe7151c0bafa59f1e25d6e6a1df1fc_1456873200.php
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    You are correct. That looks to be a bug. I've pushed a fix for this into the develop branch for you to test out:
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    thank you for the fix.
    but i tried this before starting this thread : it doesn't write anything in the assets_cache_folder...
    before i posted, i worked around a little and the simplest way i found was :

    in Asset.php:540
    $path = ('cache' === $path) ? WEB_ROOT . $assets_path . $asset_type : WEB_ROOT . $assets_path . $asset_type . $file;

    but i'm not sure of the consequences on other parts.

    by the way i am very pleased to work with fuelcms for few years now. it's the best solution for my works.
    thank you.
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    Try adding a slash at the end of the assets_cache_folder config parameter in fuel/application/config/asset.php
    $config['assets_cache_folder'] = 'cache/';
    I've pushed a fix for this to account for with or without since by default it is without.
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    with the fix :
    1- $config['assets_cache_folder'] = 'cache/'; produces links with href to the assets directory root and no cache file in assets directory root (no writable)
    2- $config['assets_cache_folder'] = 'cache'; produces the right links to assets/cache/ with no cache file in both assets or assets/cache directories

    Don't spend time about this for me. I can wait with my workaround above.
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