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session and assets field

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if I want to use DB for sessions and torn it on in config file:
$config['sess_use_database'] = TRUE;
sessions will be stored in DB but there is a problem with the field type "asset":
if press on button upload it pops up asset window
then select the desired file to upload and after clicking "Save" - file is uploaded to the server but instead of the usual behavior (closing window and previewing image)
in pop up window appears authorization form (standard fuel authorization form),
if I log in - it again displays the contents of the pop up window (asset) with ability to select a file to upload... and so it repeats continuously until you deactivate it:
$config['sess_use_database'] = FALSE;

I tried to change the different parameters in MY_fuel.php:
$config['max_recent_pages'] = 0; $config['saved_page_state_max'] = 0;
or in config.php: "sess_time_to_update", "sess_expiration", even tried to set "cookie_domain" but nothing helps...



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    If you delete your ci_session and fuel_... cookies, does it still occur?
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    Yes, I tried to delete all cookies, session data stored in DB and logout/login in fuel but it does not help...
    I find out that this problem happens only on the production server, on a local machine everything works as it should,
    any ideas what can cause this problem?
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    Hmm... that's a new one to me. I guess I would start by trying to figure out what may be different between the 2 servers in their configuration, PHP versions, CGI vs Apache module, etc.

    The popup simply uses an iframe to bring up that page and it sounds like the session isn't sustaining for that iframe window. Does this happen for say other iframe windows (e.g. inline edit module windows common with foreign_keys)?
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