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Add plugin to CKeditor

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Dea all,

I'm just trying to add a plugin to the CKEditor, but after copying it into the plugins folder and adding its name on MY_fuel.php, nothing happens. The plugin button does not appear on the editor.

Any ideas or directions on that? The plugin is MediaEmbed, and can be found here:

kind regards,


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    I just tried it with the following MY_fuel.php configuration change and it seemed to work (note the addition to the toolbar and the extraPlugins):
    $config['ck_editor_settings'] = array( 'toolbar' => array( //array('Source'), array('Bold','Italic','Strike'), array('Format'), array('Image','HorizontalRule'), array('NumberedList','BulletedList'), array('Link','Unlink'), array('Undo','Redo','RemoveFormat'), array('Preview'), array('Maximize'), array('MediaEmbed') ), 'extraPlugins' => 'MediaEmbed', 'contentsCss' => WEB_PATH.'assets/css/main.css', 'htmlEncodeOutput' => FALSE, 'entities' => FALSE, 'bodyClass' => 'ckeditor', 'toolbarCanCollapse' => FALSE, );
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    Thanks a lot for your quick reply, it really helped a lot.

    The weird thing now is the way ckeditor stores de information in the database. I followed the 'simple module' creation tutorial, and everyithing is fine. But when I try to store something in the content field using html tags,for example:

    the string that is stored in the database is:
    <iframe frameborder="0" height="225" src="" width="400"></iframe>

    The result of this is that in the view, the iframe is not rendered as an embeded video, but a single string.

    I checked it using the pages module, and this behaviour does not happen.

    Is there any different configuration that I am missing?

    thanks a lot,
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    Did the HTML above get cut out (you can use the code HTML tag)?

    Try adding the following to your MY_fuel_modules.php to the module name you are using:
    'sanitize_input' => array('template','php'),

    By default, it uses the xss_clean which may cause problems with iframes.
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    It worked!! Thanks a lot!
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    How can i add the sanitize input to the "Pages" admin module ? I am having the same issue above described.

    Thanks a lot!
  • I'd hazard a guess at ./config/MY_fuel_layouts.php but I've not tested it...
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    It's under your MY_fuel_modules.php for the particular simple modules' configuration. As an example, look at the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_modules.php and the pages module's configuration.
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    I tried the above instructions to put to work the embed youtube iframe on CKeditor but the result is the same the iframe tag as string.

    Any additional idea? Thanks a lot!
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    This sounds like it is something CKEditor may be doing to the string:´t-read-media-embed-code

    You can try adding config settings in the fuel/application/config/editors.php $config['ckeditor']['default'].
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