Problems migrating from WAMP to live server

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I have begun the (arduous) process of migrating my local FUEL project to a live server. I am first uploading to a subdirectory of the domin as a development version, then I will move to the main directory after.

Immediately, I get two errors:
Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_FILENAME in d:\inetpub\zdlaw\zdlaw_fuel\fuel\modules\fuel\config\fuel_constants.php on line 20 Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_OLD_FUNCTION' or `T_FUNCTION' or `T_VAR' or `'}'' in d:\inetpub\zdlaw\zdlaw_fuel\fuel\modules\fuel\core\MY_Hooks.php on line 41

I know a number of issues could be to blame.

I checked my application/config/config.php and I changed my base_url():
$config['base_url'] = '';

I also made sure the database settings were updated for the live version.

Then I checked the .htaccess and changed all of the index.php's to index.php? with the question mark.

I'm wondering what might be causing this issue? I have a sneaking suspicion that it's something to do with the .htaccess or the server configuration that my client's host has. But how can I be sure? I checked phpinfo() and could not find mod_rewrite there, but I'm not getting a 500 error or anything. Any other things I should look into regarding FUEL's configuration?

(I remember when I used GoCart, the CMS created a MANIFEST.php of all routes used by the CMS, which linked to local filepaths. Does FUEL do something similar that I should delete?)



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    What version of PHP is the server running? FuelCMS requires at least v5.2.
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    Also, it sounds like the server may not be providing a $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] variable. You can try defining one in the index.php bootstrap which would be the server path to the index.php CI bootstrap found in the root of the FUEL installation folder.
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    Figured it out!
    Turns out, my client's server was running PHP 4....
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