Do you consider to include a theming mechanism in Fuel CMS

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Nice CMS the only thing which I am missing here is a theme engine as in the case of Drupal or Wordpress where you can simply drop a new theme into theme folder and select a new look and feel through the admin front end.
I am implementing right know a new look and feel into a codeigniter project and I have to crawl through view files and manually overriding all html html and tags.
We do consider to switch from a codeigniter to some CMS and I am evaluating Fuel CMS right now the only think that keeps me away is absence of similar theming system as in other CMS.
Don't you think that it would be beneficial to include a conventional theming mechanism in Fuel CMS?


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    Thanks for your interest in the project. FUEL tends to target more custom website builds in which themes aren't as applicable so I unfortunately don't see themes coming to FUEL CMS anytime soon.
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