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Time Form Element not accepting time starting with 00

edited December 2015 in Bug Reports
I have a simple module with 2 database fields of type "time".
In my model for the module I have following:

$fields["uhrzeit_beginn"]['order'] = 12; $fields['uhrzeit_beginn']['ampm'] = FALSE; $fields["uhrzeit_beginn"]['label'] = lang('form_label_einsatz_uhr_beginn'); $fields['uhrzeit_beginn']['after_html'] = 'Uhr'; $fields['uhrzeit_ende']['order'] = 14; $fields['uhrzeit_ende']['ampm'] = FALSE; $fields['uhrzeit_ende']['label'] = lang('form_label_einsatz_uhr_ende'); $fields['uhrzeit_ende']['after_html'] = 'Uhr';

Both fields are mandatory. When entering a time 00:xx the validation says "please fill out required field uhrzeit_beginn" and the fields are showed as empty.

I think, this is a bug...



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