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Is there any work being done to upgrade Fuel for CI3 and is there an expected release date?


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    The 1.4_dev branch is being worked on which is 3.0:
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    I'm glad there's working being done towards CI3. I've browsed around looking at what Fuel has to offer and I like it a lot.

    The only issue I'm having is integrating it with an existing project. The docs have steps that start from a new project. I noticed Fuel has it's own instance of CI, is everything suppose to go into Fuel's copy of CI?
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    That instance is the same $CI object. It's just passed around to different areas. There is a $CI->fuel object which is a child object on the $CI object (more on that here: http://docs.getfuelcms.com/general/fuel-object-structure). The $CI object is essentially the controller object and is the equivalent of $this in a controller.
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    Also with integrating Fuel into an existing project, everything in my project goes into the project_root/fuel/application/*, right?

    I encountered an issue when replacing Fuel 1.3.1, the one I had started to use before posting here, with 1.4_dev. So I filed a bug in GH.
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    I also have a question about my project's database. To be able to use Fuel as the content manager for the existing tables, does Fuel need to be built in the same database/schema as my existing project, or can I use CI's method of adding using more than one database and have the Fuel interface manage that?

    What I mean is, so the Users table in my existing project. To integrate Fuel to be able to manage users through that interface, does it my existing Users table need to exist in the same Fuel database/schema?
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    The database tables don't need to necessarily exist in the same schema but they will need to inherit from the Base_module_model class in order to be used in the FUEL admin. The Base_module_model class has methods on it that the FUEL admin uses.
  • What are the things remaining in FUEL-CMS 1.4 dev branch to become stable?
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    There are no known bugs at this point but does require I feel a little more vetting by the community. Would be great if you tried it out and reported any new bugs.
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