Multi-Select Bug

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I'm just starting to learn how to build a site with Fuel CMS, so there is a chance this may be just my own mistake rather than a bug.

I've been following the module tutorial here: Using this tutorial as my base I've created my own module that uses two lookup tables rather than just the one used in the tutorial ("categories_to_articles"). Everything seems to work fine except for the second multi-select that is generated for the second lookup table. I'm able to select options and it saves successfully (I can verify by looking at the database directly). However, the selected options do not appear in the second multi-select.

I did a test to see what would happen if I swapped the multi-selects, and sure enough that caused the other multi-select to break instead. Also, the text that appears inside the multi-selects: "select from the values on the left" only appears in the second multi-select.

I believe this is a bug. Basically, things get whacky when there are more than one multi-select. Can someone please verify for me? Thanks.


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    Could you email me your model file (email address is under my profile)?
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