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Unexpected filter results

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I have an advanced module with a filter on a field called 'parent'. When I filter on this parent field with id 30 (as shown in url below) I get items with parent 305 as well. Any thoughts on how to prevent this?


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    Try adding the following to your model:
    public $filter_join = 'and';
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    Stumbled into this issue again. So what I have is a select with parent categories in the listview. When I select parent category 92 I get parent category 192 as well. The sql explains it:

    SELECT `id`, `title`, `slug`, `parent`, `precedence`, `active` FROM (`shop_categories`) WHERE (LOWER(shop_categories.parent) LIKE "%92%") ORDER BY `title` asc LIMIT 50

    It performs a LIKE on the filter. Would it possible to perform an exact match instead?
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    You can add suffixes to your field names that will apply different operators in the comparison. In your case, you want a shop_categories.parent_equal:
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    Thanks! Works like a charm ;-)
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