Preserving filter states

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I've working on a site and I'm making quite extensive use of the advanced filtering in modules. The question I have is regarding preserving the state of the filters used on the list view during the transition to editing or amending an individual record. So, for instance, the user sets 2 or 3 filter options on the list to narrow their selection, then clicks a record to edit it. The natural behavior is when they have saved the record, they click cancel to return to the list view, which then loses all the filters they've set.

So, is there a way of preserving these filters for the return to the list without having to resort to writing client-side shims to store the filter parameters locally in the browser and then grab them on re-displaying the list?



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    You can try adding the following to your MY_fuel.php file:
    // The maximum number of pages that page state will be saved before dumping the last one saved. // This is used on the list pages in the admin to save sorting and filtering. Used to save on space needed for session. $config['saved_page_state_max'] = 1;
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    Excellent! Thanks once again for the speedy reply!
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