Why were demo views removed and where is help instead?

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I'm new to FUEL and just started to go over the tutorial. I've discovered the links to the demo pages are all missing and also the demo views, controllers, etc are missing from the downloadable package. Why? Is there a sample page somewhere to start from?


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    I'm guessing the links you are talking about are from some older blog posts correct? If so, the demo branch was taken down a while ago because it needed some updates. We are actually currently working on a newer demo site that will be helpful for people starting off new to FUEL. It unfortunately won't be ready for a bit. Until then, I'd recommend reading through the documentation if you haven't already started:

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    Thanks a lot!
    Now I've started with the simple modules tutorial and I am finding it very useful.
    I have a problem, though:
    When I login to the CMS both the Authors and the Articles modules appear on the left menu, but clicking them results in 404 pages. Did I miss something?
    Also, I was told to create the files in the fuel/application/model folder. Mine is called "models". Does that count maybe?
    I'm using the 1.3 package.
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