Error when trying to access the FUEL admin area

edited October 2015 in Installation
I've just downloaded FUELcms, read the installation guide. The main install page works, followed all the steps but when I go to: localhost:8888/test/fuel I get this: Translated to English: This website is not available

the CMS is in the subfolder called: "test", this is what my rewritebase is in the .htaccess file:

RewriteBase /test/

Using PHP 5.6.10, local development server MAMP on OS X El Capitan.

Please help me out


  • Have you got the access rights for ./test set correctly?

    Why are you using port 8888 in your URL? Have you got Apache running on that port?

    Hide the RewriteBase line in your .htaccess and let Fuel work it out for itself.
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