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Blog module: database error is thrown when visiting an author's page

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When visiting a blog user's page (/blog/authors/1) it throws:

A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'author_id` = 1 AND `.`published` = 'yes' GROUP BY `fuel_blog_posts`.`id` ORDER' at line 8 SELECT fuel_blog_posts.*, fuel_blog_posts.*, fuel_blog_users.display_name, CONCAT(fuel_users.first_name, " ", fuel_users.last_name) as author_name, YEAR(fuel_blog_posts.publish_date) as year, DATE_FORMAT(fuel_blog_posts.publish_date, "%m") as month, DATE_FORMAT(fuel_blog_posts.publish_date, "%d") as day FROM (`fuel_blog_posts`) LEFT JOIN `fuel_categories` ON `fuel_categories`.`id` = `fuel_blog_posts`.`category_id` LEFT JOIN `fuel_relationships` ON `fuel_relationships`.`candidate_key` = `fuel_blog_posts`.`id` AND fuel_relationships.candidate_table = "fuel_blog_posts" AND fuel_relationships.foreign_table = "fuel_tags" LEFT JOIN `fuel_blog_users` ON `fuel_blog_users`.`fuel_user_id` = `fuel_blog_posts`.`author_id` LEFT JOIN `fuel_users` ON `fuel_users`.`id` = `fuel_blog_posts`.`author_id` LEFT JOIN `fuel_tags` ON `fuel_tags`.`id` = `fuel_relationships`.`foreign_key` WHERE `.`author_id` = 1 AND `.`published` = 'yes' GROUP BY `fuel_blog_posts`.`id` ORDER BY `publish_date` desc Filename: fuel\codeigniter\database\DB_driver.php Line Number: 331

I've traced it back to line 18 of the blog module's views/themes/default/author.php on line 18 where it calls

<?php $posts = $author->posts; ?>

and get_posts in the Blog_user_model. Currently all I have found out is that


in get_posts returns NULL so this is why there is missing prefixes to column names ( AND `.`published` = 'yes' [..] WHERE `.`author_id` [..] and so on ) but I cannot seem to find out why or what. What have I done? Could you share some thoughts? :p

If it helps, I can visit all the other pages fine (search, /blog/authors).



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    I don't have copy of the blog handy to test but it seems it's in the record part of the model?

    Try $this->_parent_model->_tables
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    I believe this is fixed in the develop branch of the blog:
    (requires some SQL updates in the install/updates folder)
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    I'm already on the develop branch actually, I've forked the module and running my own develop branch which is up to date (well, technically infront :p) of the upstream branch.

    $ git merge upstream/develop Already up-to-date.
    I ran fuel_blog_uninstall.sql, then fuel_blog_install.sql and then fuel_blog_permissions_install.sql in install/ after I switched branches from master to develop.
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    I'm also getting

    A PHP ERROR WAS ENCOUNTERED Severity: Notice Message: Undefined index: comments Filename: models/blog_posts_model.php Line Number: 470 A PHP ERROR WAS ENCOUNTERED Severity: Warning Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Filename: models/blog_posts_model.php Line Number: 476

    when viewing a single post's comment section. Are these related or shall I file this as a separate issue? I'm really not sure what I'm doing here to create so many issues :o
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    Those both look to be bugs. I've posted fixes for them in the develop branch.
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    Okay thanks. Happy to be a guinea pig to test them out.

    (and thanks also for answering so many of my questions!)
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    Okay, can confirm those two fixes are working. Thanks!
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