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Is it possible to add a button for a 'mailto:'-link in the ck_editor?
I have tried to replace the fuellink plugin with the regular link plugin in config/editors, but this way, I see the ck_editor whitout any button for links

// Can be JSON string or an array. The json_encode doesn't support the RegExp object when using PHP arrays.
// Because of this, the protectedSource is automatically added by default.
$config['ckeditor']['default'] = array(
'toolbar' => array(
array('Bold', 'Italic', 'Strike'),
array('FUELImage', 'HorizontalRule'),
array('NumberedList', 'BulletedList'),
array('Undo', 'Redo', 'RemoveFormat'),
array('PasteFromWord', 'PasteText'),
'contentCss' => WEB_PATH.'assets/css/main.css',
'htmlEncodeOutput' => FALSE,
'entities' => FALSE,
'bodyClass' => 'ckeditor',
/*'protectedSource' => array('/\{fuel_\w+\(.+\)\}/g', '/<\?[\s\S]*?\?>/g'), */
'toolbarCanCollapse' => FALSE,
'extraPlugins' => 'link,fuelimage',
'removePlugins' => 'image',
'allowedContent' => TRUE


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  • You should be able to modify the link modal in fuellink to include a "mailto" dropdown option similar to the native CKEditor plugin.

    I've done similar work to change fuelimage [] that may help you.

    You could also try hacking the native link plugin to provide just a "mailto" option. I've done that to create fuelanchor [] - basically, I ripped everything from the link plugin except the code that exposed the anchor tag then wrapped it up in it's own plugin.
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