FUEL CMS Modules Pack

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We've started a repository on GitHub to hold modules that didn't quite make the cut for the base download. This so far includes a WordPress, phpMyAdmin, Get Clicky, Campaign Monitor and Google Analytics dashboard modules.


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    I've followed the instructions (moved the google analytics module inside fuel/modules and configured its own configuration file; i've also added 'google_analytics' to the 'allowed_modules' array) but i can't see it in the dashboard! what did i do wrong?

    UPDATE: i found out the google_analytics is a dashboard controller, and thus has to be added to the $config['dashboards'] array ... sorry!
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    thanks for info
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    Can we add our modules to this github? I'm searching for / want to create a module for managing news and events.

    And also a module which connect with the Google Webmaster Tools API and Insights API. Maybe others can/will join me when creating these.
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    That is a repo that we control. We will eventually update the site to list other repositories. I'd recommend creating your own GitHub repo and we can list it here and tweet it out. Keep us posted and look forward to seeing what you create.

    Also as an FYI, in 1.0 you can use the command line from within your project folder to automatically generate news and event simple modules (those 2 are default templates that you can work with).
    index.php fuel/generate/simple news
    index.php fuel/generate/simple events
    The 1.0 user guide has more info on it:
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