Global variables

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We use a set of constants for various bits of information in our sites so if we need to use a constant within a Fuelified page or block we then turn that constant into a variable using the global file (application/views/_variables/global.php) like so:

$vars['secure_base_url'] = SECURE_BASE_URL;

And then use it where we need to, like this example:

<a href="<?=url('register', $secure_base_url)?>" class="button" />Join Now</a>

But though we have used this successfully in other sites in our system that are similar I'm currently getting an "undefined variable" error. Any idea what could be causing this?


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    How is that page getting rendered (e.g. from a controller, the CMS, or a view without a controller)? If you use a controller, you will need to use $this->fuel->pages->render('path/to/uri') to have the global variables file loaded.
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    Ok great. So any time we use a controller (and want the global variables to be included) we include this in the controller then right?
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    You need to render the page that way for it to assemble all the variables and views together.
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