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Possible bug in Model/Module find_all() using BETWEEN?

edited August 2015 in Bug Reports
Strange behaviour using BETWEEN in simple module:
$date = '2015-07-09'; $conflicts = $this->find_all("'{$date}' BETWEEN bookingStartDate AND bookingEndDate");
Produces a MySQL error. The generated query has backticks surrounding the $date
SELECT `assets_bookings`.*, `assets`.`assetTitle` AS `property` FROM (`assets_bookings`) LEFT JOIN `assets` ON `assets`.`assetID` = `assets_bookings`.`bookingAssetID` WHERE `'2015-07-09'` BETWEEN bookingStartDate AND bookingEndDate
In my code, the JOIN is part of what I have in _common_query().

The alternative MySQL notation that does the same job works fine:
$conflicts = $this->find_all("bookingStartDate >= '{$date}' AND bookingEndDate <= '{$date}'");

As you might expect, find_one() does the same thing.


  • That's a good workaround, thanks.

    Still smacks of being a bug in Fuel though... thoughts Admin?
  • edited 3:47AM
    This may be something inside CI. The MY_Model::find_within method uses something to disable the protect_identifiers which you could try calling before using find_all() (which is really just a wrapper around some CI Active Record):
    $_protect_identifiers = $this->db->_protect_identifiers; $this->db->_protect_identifiers = FALSE; $date = '2015-07-09'; $conflicts = $this->find_all("'{$date}' BETWEEN bookingStartDate AND bookingEndDate"); $this->db->_protect_identifiers = $_protect_identifiers; // set it back
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