Wrong URL on log out

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This is the URL to the "project" page:
If you expose the admin bar and click "Logout", it redirects to:
Which gives a 404. "navtech" is the module, but it's missing from the path. "navserver" is the fuel home directory. Any ideas what's wrong here?


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    Not really but I can tell you where to look. The default behavior for logging out is to go to the ":last" page and is specified in the main config and can be overwritten in your MY_fuel.php config file.
    $config['logout_redirect'] = ':last';
    The last URL is set by the Fuel_admin::set_last_page method which will set the current URL at the end of rendering. It will also call it in the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/module.php view method which is used for viewing a module that has a preview path specified.
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