page.sortList is post to undefined

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I having a custom controller for adv module, which make use of data table, but when i try to use page.sortList, the error message is POST http://localhost:8888/fuel/undefined/items/ 404 (Not Found), i assume because no module path has been assign for jqx ?

but if i added these on my controller
$this->js_controller_params['module'] = 'appt/standard'; $this->js_controller_params['method'] = 'items'; $this->js_controller_params['precedence_col']= 'precedence';
it will just redirect to a blank page , how should i resolved this ?


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    It looks like BaseFuelController isn't getting the module property set in it. The code that sets the path to the URL that redraws the table is in the BaseFuelController around line 41 and 42 ('tableAjaxURL'). I would do a console log on the 'initObj' thats getting passed to that _init method to see what that object looks like.
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