Easy sorting in list_view

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it would be cool to have a feature integrated in the list_view that a table which has a precedence column can be easily sorted via "move up" and "move down" function


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    If you have a precedence column there is a "Rearrange" button that should appear in the list view. When clicked, you can drag and order the items.
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    ah cool. Now I know what this button does :-)
    Sometimes I should just try the things...

    ok then you can "close" this feature request as it is already implemented !!! :-D

    Step by step I get more and more comfortable with your CMS. It makes many things easier and covers many of the features I am missing in my own CMS at the moment.

    But I think I will come back with some other questions in the following weeks/months ;-)

    I wish you a nice evening!

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    I just saw that in my backend the rearrange button does not appear any more. I don't know exactly when the button disappeared...

    The behaviour of the list view on loading is that first the rearrange and create button appear, but then the rearrange button disappears...

    I have a precedence column in the modules table...
    Any idea how I can get the rearrange button back?
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    Is the precedence value part of the list_items result in the model?
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