in-line edit issue

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Short form as described in the user guide will generate incorrect code unless the table name and the model name are the same...

$news = fuel_model('news_items',array ('where'=>"release_date <= '".$today."' and drop_date >= '".$today."'", 'order'=>'priority_order asc, release_date desc')); . . $n = 0; foreach($news as $item) : $n++; . . <?=fuel_edit($item)?> <?=fuel_edit($item->id, 'Edit News Item', 'news_items');?> . . endforeach;

for record 156, these do not generate comparable code -- see below

<span class="__fuel_marker__" data-href="http://localhost/fuel/fnps_news/inline_edit/" data-rel="156" title="Edit: " data-module="fnps_news" data-published="1"></span> <span class="__fuel_marker__" data-href="http://localhost/fuel/news_items/inline_edit/" data-rel="156" title="Edit News Item" data-module="news_items" data-published="1"></span><div class="news_item">

The short form shoved in the table name instead of the model name. It generates generates a 404 error. The long form works. The short form would appear to work only if the model name and the table name are the same.

At a minimum, the documentation should provide this as a warning about usage


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    If you change line 464 to the following and then comment out the rest, does it work for your scenario:
    $module = $id->parent_model(); //$tables = array_flip($id->parent_model()->tables()); //if (isset($tables[$module])) //{ // $module = $tables[$module]; //} //unset($tables);
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