Beginning a conversion from 0.93 to 1.3

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My home page is a static view file. Am I right in my assumption that I don't need to set up MY_fuel_layouts.php to use a layout in a static view?

It has the following <?php fuel_set_var('layout', 'home_grid'); ?>
home_grid.php is in my views/_layouts folder
So far as I can tell, it is not getting loaded
I do not get an error message

In 0.93, I had <?php fuel_set_var('layout', '_layouts/home_grid'); ?> and that worked (it does not work now)

I can successfully load blocks (from views/_blocks) and if I copy the content of my home_grid.php file into the view (display blocks and set the use fuel_set_var for css and javascript, the blocks, css, and javascript all load, so none of those seems to be the issue

Any ideas? -- I've been batting my head on this for hours


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    You are correct in your assumption. I believe the MY_fuel_layouts array structure may have changed slightly since .93 so I'd recommend using a 1.3 version and migrating over your .93 to that format.
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    I think the issue was related to a library call -- postponed by elimination for now since 1.3 has a similar library already built in. Thanks.
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