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I use fuel_block() with some logic to display main navigation on the site, my site is multilingual and I need to make this block cached, but when I change language version it displays version of the block that has been cached first...
<?php echo fuel_block(array('view' => 'mega_menu' ,'cache' => true, 'language' => $selected_lang)); ?>
Prompt how to configure caching for multilingual blocks?
block 'mega_menu' is a view file and does not exists in CMS


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    This appears to be a bug. In the fuel/modules/fuel/libraries/Fuel_blocks.php file, if you add the following line at line 129, does it fix your issue:
    if (!empty($p['language'])) $cache_id .= $p['language'];
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    Yes it did!
    Thank You!
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    OK. I'll push that fix to the develop branch
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