CSS stops loading intermittently

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I am having an issue where every so often different pages in my site will suddenly stop loading the css. The page comes up simply as text, but all of the other pages still load find.

Strangely enough, the simple remedy I found is to open the page in the admin tool and just reserve it. That solves the problem but I don't understand why this would be happening.


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    Hmm... not sure what may be causing that issue. Have you narrowed it down to being browser related or server related?
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    There's an old forum post somewhere where someone else was having a similar issue. I took an interest because it was happening to me (on v1.0 I think).

    At the time, clearing the cache did the trick.

    Since updating to v1.2+, I've not seen it happen again.
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    It's definitely server related. It happens everywhere regardless of browser or location.
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