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Customise Breadcrumbs


I have a url (./products/detail/12) which can be accessed from a number of locations (./products/byvendor and ./products/bytype). BTW ./products is a valid url too.

I'd like to display a breadcrumb on ./products/detail/12 that shows the route taken to get to it - ie.
Using fuel_nav() in breadcrumb mode, normally you'd get Home->Products->Product XYZ where 'Products' would point back to ./products. If the user found the detail page by first visiting ./products/byvendor, is it possible to use fuel_nav() but specify that the 'Products' breadcrumb point to ./products/byvendor?



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    You could perhaps use the 'append' parameter and append a navigation item with the same key but a different location value:
    <?=fuel_nav(array('append' => array('products' => array('location' => 'products/byvender', 'label' => 'Products')));
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