"main_inner" div showing up below "right" div

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Sorry to pester you with this, but I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of days, so now I need to reach out to someone.

My <div id="right"> shows up above my <div id="main_inner">
By that, I mean the content on the web page doesn't appear to placing the main_inner in the middle as expected.

Any suggestions? Do you need to see more code?


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    I should say I took this formatting from the blog\views\themes\default\_layouts\blog.php file and incorporated it into my own.
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    I think I found the issue, but I am not sure how to resolve it. If I look at the source for the blog, it has this:
    <link href="/navserver/assets/css/blog.css?c=" media="all" rel="stylesheet"/>
    This contains the proper css that I need for the formatting to work correctly.

    This exists in: "fuelserver\assets\css" but I was looking in "fuelserver\fuel\modules\blog\assets\css"

    Now to figure out how it's included.
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    I think I got it. Just needed my own css and call the following:

    Funny how it's easier to resolve an issue after you ask for help. Sometimes...
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    That didn't quite work, my link to the stylesheet is showing up before the header tag.
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    in my {module}_base_controller::_common_vars() function, I now have the following (and it worked!):
    function _common_vars() { $vars = array(); $vars['css'] = array('navtech'); $vars['js'] = array(); $vars['body'] = ''; $vars['page_title'] = ''; $vars['is_home'] = $this->fuel->navtech->is_home(); return $vars; }
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