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Only super admin can see certain menu items.

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Hello, want to thank you again for offering all the help you have been.

I wanted to link to the categories and tags under an advanced model that I have setup to allow users a quick way to review all the categories and tags. however, it only shows for the super admin account and I have no idea how to debug:

here is my advanced models nav config:

$config['nav']['creative gallery'] = array( 'gallery' => 'Items', 'categories?context=gallery' => 'Categories', 'tags?context=gallery' => 'Tags' );

any thoughts?


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    I believe you'll need to setup special permissions and assign them to the users. The permission names would be:
    categories?context=gallery tags?context=gallery
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    That did it! I was just thinking about trying this too before I noticed the response. Thanks again :)
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