non-super admin losing his password

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Just wondering if anyone else has noticed any Fuel admin users lose their passwords frequently? I thought maybe it was because I was logging in "as user" from Fuel to make sure they had the correct permissions, but that didn't seem to cause it.

I know he's not forgetting his password, and I know neither of us are doing anything unusual for it to happen.

We have to reset his password each time this happens. It's very weird and frustrating.


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    Yes I've had the same thing happen when you edit a user's permissions.

    A recent posting here from Admin suggested it's been fixed for a while - are you using a recent Fuel build?
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    I believe I'm using the latest build. It's 1.3, not sure of the exact version beyond that without a little digging :)

    Editing permissions... yes, that sounds about right, it seems to happen when I create new modules and edit the permissions for the user.
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    If you are able to provide recreation steps, I can dig into finding the issue.
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    Sorry for the late reply, I grabbed the latest version and it seems okay now, I think.
  • Just a quick report to say that the problem *is* still present in v1.3. I think it loses the password if you add a user via the multi-select link on the permissions form.

    I'll try and report a reproducible scenario when I get some time to investigate.
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    OK... let me know what you find out.
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    I've found this for a while using Fuel. This morning I had to add some new modules, and their permissions (a v1.3 site). When saving the users in the combo field against module permissions, the users can then subsequently not login. The password must be reset in the users module for that to happen.
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    Think I found the issue and posted the fix in the develop branch.
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    Tried it, I think it works!

    Excellent - that was a bit of a pain if you ever came across it.
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    That's great to hear, thanks for testing Gumster. And, yes, it was a pain and hard to figure out exactly how to duplicate it.
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