CKeditor wrapping tag

Hey Everyone,

I'm checking out ckeditor and I'm wondering if it's possible to tell it to wrap in a div that's wrapped in body instead of just body. When creating pages the content is placed in a content div so in the editor what i see really isn't what i get because it thinks it's being placed within the body tags. Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.



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    I think I understand the issue. There is a ckeditor class that you can create in your main CSS (it is originally defined in the common.css file), that you can use to customize the preview of CKEditor.
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    Ahh, i see.

    Then I can specify my content's div class in the ck_editor_settings in the config...

    $config['ck_editor_settings'] = array(
    'bodyClass' => 'maincontent',

    and now it styles the preview like that div. That should work.


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