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Cannot redeclare class MY_Security_Policy

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I've just installed Fuel and then tried to create a test page. The preview has the following: "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MY_Security_Policy in D:\Server\xampp\ns\fuel\modules\fuel\libraries\parser\Fuel_dwoo_parser.php on line 267"

If I publish, the outward facing web page says the same thing. Using version 1.3


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    If the update was made by simply replacing the fuel/modules/fuel folder and not using GIT then be sure to delete the MY_parser.php file from the fuel/application/libraries/MY_Parser.php
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    Thanks for the help. I'll be sure to install GIT so I can do the upgrades properly.
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    Does that also go for MY_DB_mysqli_utility.php, MY_Image_lib.php, MY_Profiler.php, MY_Typography.php and MY_Upload.php? That would leave MY_Profiler.php. Does that sound right?
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    Getting this: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MY_Security_Policy in D:\Server\xampp\navserver\fuel\modules\fuel\libraries\MY_Parser.php on line 383
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    That MY_Parser file shouldn't exist either and has been removed. The other files should remain. The parser was overhauled in 1.3 to the Fuel_parser class which allows for different parsing engines including Twig.
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