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Backup module

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A number of sites I've created with fuel have a large number of rows (eg in excess 25000) and backing these up in the backup module can often force an out of memory issue. Is there a way to exclude a given module / table being included in the backup zip?


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    Incidentally, I've merged v1.3 with an existing installation (v1.2), and the backup module broke with an out of memory error - but the backup module seems fine otherwise with a fresh install of v1.3, so it must be the recently added 25K table! [Edit - quadrupled the memory allocation and v1.3 code handles the zip download OK)
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    The backup config allows you to specify which tables to ignore in the "db_backup_prefs" preference. It's recommended that you copy the fuel/modules/config/backup.php file to the fuel/application/config/backup.php file and make your changes outside of the fuel/modules/backup folder.
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    So it does - blast my eyes!
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